Practice hand washing, Germs know no boundaries.

Hand hygiene is a most effective way to stop the spread of microorganisms and counter cross-contamination to prevent personal health, leisure & hospitality, food industry and health-care-associated infections.


The British Hand Hygiene Foundation mission is to spread awareness about the importance of personal hand hygiene in the general public and also in commercial settings. We assist organizations to put robust hand hygiene protocols in place through training courses, assessment and monitoring. British Hand Hygiene Foundation certification of your organization reassures your customers that strict hand hygiene policy procedure protocols are in place at your organisation and your customers can use your products and services with confidence.

Become a Member

British Hand Hygiene Foundation (BHHF) certification starts with becoming a member of the BHHF. Then to attain a Five Stars mark on Hand Hygiene for your organization we will guide you through each step of British Hand Hygiene Foundation certification. In the United Kingdom if your organization already has a Food Standards Rating 5 provided by the Food Standards Agency UK then attaining a BHHF certification is a very quick procedure. We also recognize any equivalent food standards and safety ratings or programs operated by the government departments or reputed private organizations if your organization is outside the United Kingdom. As a part of BHHF Membership you will receive a certificate of Membership and also a “Five Star Hand Hygiene” Door Sticker.

Otherwise, not only we can train your staff on the importance of personal hand hygiene but can also design a targeted hand hygiene policy procedure protocols specific to your organization's requirements.

Social Responsibility

British Hand Hygiene Foundation is a Socially Responsible Organization. We not only strive to do well. But our mission also includes to do good. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is based on an self-regulation that aims to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting volunteering or ethically-oriented practices. As a part of it we conduct Hand Hygiene Awareness Campaigns in the different parts of the world. When you buy the British Hand Hygiene products & services, you automatically contribute to those good causes.


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